Our Solutions

All of the work we do is tailored to your needs, your industry and your strategic context:

We work with you to drive change across:

Executive & Leadership Team Development

Executive Coaching

CEOs and senior executives often turn to us for support and guidance throughout their careers. We focus on developing an authentic leadership style and a mindset that can adapt and realise potential – while supercharging that momentum to achieve rapid and lasting impact:

Focus areas include:

Transitioning into a new role / onboarding

Preparation for board roles

Impact / performance coaching

Culture development coaching

Coaching skills development for senior executives

Leadership communication coaching

Resilience coaching

Succession coaching

Developing diversity & inclusion

360 & psychometric assessments

Executive & Leadership Team Development

Our team development solutions drive peak performance, unleashing innovation and increasing impact through stronger dynamics and leadership skills. We aim to rapidly diagnose issues and resolve them to ensure that the group operates at its optimal level. 

Focus areas include:

Leadership team performance acceleration

Systemic team coaching – coaching the team and the individuals

Conflict Management / resolution facilitation

Cross team collaboration and alignment (across functions & businesses)

Post-merger integration / turnarounds

Business model transformation

New leader assimilation

New team integration

360 degrees & psychometric assessment

Accelerator Programmes

Our Accelerator programmes develop the behavioural changes and personal skills that can fast track high potentials into the next generation of leaders:

Focus areas include:

Leadership development

Talent pipeline coaching

Cohort development

Advancing women

Organisational agility

Developing diversity & inclusion

Culture Development

The most successful organisations are those that are able align their culture to their strategy.

Starting at the top with the CEO and the Executive team, we are highly experienced at enabling the delivery of a new strategy to an organisation at every level – inspiring and motivating to ensure that everyone operates at their best.

Our focus areas include:

Supporting corporate transformations

Enabling culture change – through effective leadership at the top

Leader-led culture change cascades – enabling the wider leadership to lead and model conversations on change across their organisation

Leader as coach – development of coaching skills in leaders to effect more rapid change

Super coach training – developing a cohort of in-house coaches to support and integrate culture change more swiftly

Driving organisational engagement – by upskilling leadership in the ‘harder’ skills of EQ, RQ (resilience), and leadership agility

The Alexander Way

We work with you to develop self-awareness, a clearer perspective, stronger resilience and the ability to focus and adapt faster to change. Together, we can overcome the obstacles preventing you from accessing your full potential, leaving you free to be authentic and impactful.

It’s a science…

The Alexander Way is robust and evidence-based, underpinned by strong academic foundations, personal insights and thousands of case studies.

…as well as an art.

We listen, support, challenge, guide and advise.

We build a framework of trust and confidence, asking the pivotal questions that help drive change.

And it’s in our DNA.

We are the co-inventors of the GROW model – the most widely-known coaching model in the world. We’ve been on the forefront of executive coaching since its inception in the 1980s and we have kept developing our approach ever since – it’s The Alexander Way.

How we see Business Coaching

Benefits of Business Coaching

Giving Clients Advice

Cold Truth

Alexander Case Studies

Alexander: Executive Coaching

A new CEO was brought into a multinational Fortune 100 company, based on his strong track record and the excellent results he had achieved for his previous organisation. His mandate was to realise a similar outcome for his new employer.

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Alexander: Executive Coaching

A divisional CEO was promoted from a functional role to head a new business unit within the organisation. She needed to learn new skills for the role and rapidly demonstrate that she was an effective and confident leader who could produce results.

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Alexander: Accelerator

As part of a wider internal initiative to accelerate the progression of senior women in the company, Alexander was asked to create a cohort programme targeted at high potential women with sessions taking place in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Alexander: Accelerator

To provide high potential pre-partners with the personal skills needed to become high performing, future leaders of the organisation.

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Alexander: Culture Development

Following the merger between two prominent companies to form the world’s largest market player, the new organisation engaged Alexander to help instil a high-performance culture in order to execute an aggressive consumer-led strategy to further strengthen its position.

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