Philip Goldman

Partner, Advisor & Coach

One of the original trailblazers behind coaching in the UK, Philip has been with The Alexander Partnership since its inception in the 80s.

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About Philip

Philip Goldman is one of the most experienced and sought after executive coaches in Europe having coached 100s of C suite leaders over the last 30 years. He has worked across the majority of business sectors giving him the insight and agility to produce outstanding results and surpass clients’ expectations.

Philip has decades of experience in the principles of the Inner Game and its practical application, completing his training with Graham Alexander and Sir John Whitmore in the 1980s.

Central to Philip’s philosophy is the Inner Game’s foundational maxim: you understand it “when you discover there is an opponent inside your head that is more formidable than the one that is across the net”. His empathetic approach helps to create a space of psychological safety that allows his clients to effect profound change, transforming their relationship with this ‘opponent’ to increase their performance as leaders and human beings.

Philip’s work is commercial, practical and strategic. He brings to his coaching decades of insights and experience acquired through working with outstanding leaders in Consultancy, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Banking, Pharmaceuticals and Financial Services. His deep understanding of existential enquiry and its application helps leaders to connect with their “being in their doing” and harness their emotions and energies to create and leverage the powerful relationships that create real value, to bring about transformation in both themselves and their organisations.

Formerly, the Managing Director of a major sports chain, Philip has practical management, retail sales and marketing experience.

Clients value his expertise and his supportive, challenging coaching style. Philip is highly skilled in steering clients through demanding business agendas and in enabling them to successfully transition into new
challenges, becoming more creative, resilient, self aware and impactful.

Executive Coaching Credentials

A pioneer of coaching, at its inception with Sir John Whitmore and Graham Alexander

Founding member of The Alexander Partnership 

Fellow of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School

What Philip’s clients say:

“Philip has been utterly invaluable to my development as a CEO. I have no doubt that without him I'd have struggled to make the tough decisions necessary to take Police Now from a small start up to where we are today. Working with Philip has given me the perspective to be able to reflect on how best to approach the organisation's development. He has been particularly influential in helping me shape the culture in order for us to be ready to take on the next big stage in our development. Without Philip I can't imagine that the organisation or I would be thriving in the way we are today."

David Spencer, CEO, Police Now

"The work I did with Philip in my first senior role in 2002 was invaluable to my development as a CEO. I have no doubt that without him I'd have struggled to be the leader I am today. I attribute much of my success to him. The principles of coaching and leadership that I learnt from Philip are the most important of my career.”

Stuart MacFarlane, Zone President Europe, AB InBev

“When asked by other CEOs what has helped me the most in setting up and leading Frontline, I say my coach. Philip gives me the space and insight to take big and decisive action. If you're restless to change your organisation, develop and improve key relationships or the world around you then Philip is someone that gives you the perspective and empowerment to increase your chances of success. He has made me a better chief executive and he gives me the best chance to lead. Simply put, coaching from Philip is the best development I’ve ever had.”

Josh MacAlister, CEO, Frontline