Meet the Team

Alexander is led by a powerful team of world-class executive coaches who have all been successful leaders themselves.

John Ainley

Chairman, Partner, Advisor & Coach

John’s deep experience of working at the very top of global companies, combined with his extensive coaching skills and experience, have made him a highly sought after executive coach for CEOs, boards and leadership teams.

Francesca Lanza Tans

CEO, Partner, Advisor & Coach

Francesca brings tremendous experience of coaching the C-suite, partners, boards and executives across many industries, with a particular focus on professional and financial services, technology and media companies, spanning all geographies.

Kate Bamford

Partner, Advisor & Coach

Kate brings deep expertise working with Boards, CEOs and C-Suite Executives across multiple industries, including a strong focus on the Media, Digital, Telecoms and Technology sectors where she has partnered with and advised individuals and organisations facing significant change.

Becky Falkingham

Partner, Advisor & Coach

Becky has been coaching CEOs and executives for over 15 years.

Her mix of natural empathy, strong business insight and psychological understanding enable clients to make significant shifts in their leadership and successfully navigate challenging business contexts.

Philip Goldman

Partner, Advisor & Coach

One of the original trailblazers behind coaching in the UK, Philip has been with The Alexander Partnership since its inception in the 80s.

Phil Houghton

Partner, Advisor & Coach

With over 25 years coaching experience, Phil is a deeply experienced leadership coach; partnering C-Suite executives, leadership teams and senior leadership groups internationally. He has gained a significant reputation for accelerating the development of senior leadership teams, shaping executive career transitions, and enabling culture change and development – across multiple sectors.

Jill Pett

Partner, Advisor & Coach

Jill has extensive experience of coaching senior executives and top teams in complex, challenging and diverse environments – across multiple disciplines and industries.

Lloyd Wigglesworth

Partner, Advisor & Coach

Lloyd has led many UK companies as CEO and he brings that insight into his coaching. He coaches executives who want to be challenged and stretched to become world class leaders.

Hande Yasargil

Partner, Advisor & Coach

Hande’s extensive multi-national coaching experience, together with her deep expertise in leadership psychology and her senior level corporate background, have made a her a much sought-after coach for global leaders.

Jeremy Cohen


Jeremy Cohen specialises in coaching executives and partners with the aim of helping them to be as effective and fulfilled in their roles as possible.

Richard Macklin


Richard coaches individuals and teams to get practical results for more inspirational leadership, more effective market differentiation and deeper personal fulfilment.