Executive Coaching at Alexander

At Alexander

We help

to build inspirational leaders at many of the world’s most successful and ambitious organisations – from high profile start-ups to FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies. We have been doing this for over 30 years.

We know

how to engineer a mindset that is agile and robust – that can connect, motivate, and harness innovation.

We work

with CEOs, senior teams and high potentials to unlock the full potential behind talent – and across organisations to create cultures that drive growth.

We access
the brightest academic minds and the best resources globally to ensure that our coaching is always at the cutting edge. All of our partners are Fellows of The Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School.
We believe

that our impact is game-changing.
Considering that over 70% of our work comes from referrals, we think our clients agree.

Why Alexander

We understand your context

We combine high level business experience with leadership coaching expertise and pragmatism  – so that we cut to the core swiftly and effectively.

We are unique

We hold a 30+ year track record at the forefront of leadership coaching. Our legendary founder developed some of the industry’s key models.

We are rigorous

We cover the full spectrum of business coaching, mentoring, facilitation and advising capabilities to ensure lasting impact.

We know what works

Our approach is driven by science, underpinned by data and delivered with a real-world relevance based on thousands of assignments.

Our Legacy

Graham Alexander on Great Leaders

We were founded 35 years ago by Graham Alexander, our inspirational founder and widely acclaimed “Super Coach”.

Graham pioneered the introduction of executive coaching in Europe.

He played a central role in bringing the ideas of Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game theory from sport to the world of business – a philosophy that underpins all of our work.

In addition to co-inventing GROW – arguably the most famous and widely used business coaching model – Graham published two widely influential books on leadership coaching: Tales from the Top and Supercoaching.

He went on to establish Alexander as a centre of excellence for executive coaching, a legacy that we are immensely proud of and continue to advance, always pushing the boundaries.

Associations & Inspiration

At Alexander, we tap into the world’s best scientific and academic minds – so that we are always at the forefront of leadership coaching.

We have close ties with The Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School – of which all of our partners are Fellows.

We work with a number of leading psychologists – to ensure we have the latest insights in leadership development and psychometric assessment.


Social Impact

We are passionate about using our executive coaching expertise to help people change lives.

We are proud to have worked with a number of inspiring social and charitable institutions to enable them to develop their leadership:

Consortium for Street Children
Police Now
Breaking Barriers