We have worked with more CEO’s, Chairs and top executives than any other coaching firm in the UK.
Here our clients explain why

We have worked with more CEO’s, Chairs and top executives than any other coaching firm in the UK.
Here our clients explain why

Senior Partner & MD, The Boston Consulting Group

He is a highly effective coach and is able to skilfully and constructively help me frame and work through critical and sensitive issues. He is also a good judge of the degree of direct challenge that is useful in a particular discussion. I would highly recommend him as a coach to others in leadership roles.

President Consumer Healthcare Worldwide, GSK

You have made a huge difference to my landing at GSK this year. Look forward to your help in making the business successful for the next 5 years.

Chairman, PZ Cussons PLC

He has a great combination of unflappable common sense, practical business experience and thoughtful insight, all delivered with a welcome sense of humour. I highly recommend him as a coach or mentor.

President RDQ, Mondelez International

You have partnered with me to take Global R&D on a developmental journey towards becoming a world-class organisation. This has involved powerfully engaging the entire team in our ‘2018 Commitment’ and delivering an energising journey of personal and team development to make it come true.

Chairman, Peak Inc.

Rarely have I encountered, let alone had the privilege of working deeply with a person who combines patience, levelheadedness, wisdom, fairness, empathy and listening, with a priceless degree from the school of hard knocks complete with top-level insights on what it takes to craft an exceptional life and business. No wonder so many top leaders worldwide seek his counsel.

CEO of South West Trains

Highly supportive coaching, advice and challenge - very focused on my specific needs.

Attendees of a Meyler Campbell Fishbowl given by Alexander

“Brilliant coaching demonstration.”
“Extremely enlightening.”
“Probably the best Meyler Campbell event ever. A Master Class.”
“The overall level of the whole session was really fascinating.”

Chief Executive, Frontline

“He gives me the space and insight to take big and decisive action. If you’re restless to change professional relationships, your organisation or the world around you then he is someone that gives you the perspective and empowerment to increase your chances of success. He has made me a better Chief Executive and he gives me the best chance to lead effectively.”

HR Director, Whitbread Restaurants

“He demonstrates an exceptional understanding of people and adapts his behaviour to gain trust and engagement at all levels. His depth of knowledge, insight and sincerity have helped inspire and motivate me and my team to a level I would once not have believed possible."

MD, InBev UK

“My coaching sessions have helped me to improve the quality and effectiveness of the one-to-one conversations with my team and have given me the confidence to drive change and make the right and/or bold decisions.”

CEO, Muller UK

“As a trusted partner, he has had real impact in aligning and developing our leadership team, through team and one-to-one coaching, so that we were able to work through some tough issues in an extremely challenging business environment.”

CEO, The Rank Group PLC

“He has helped me move beyond some previously held limiting assumptions on the impact of my leadership on my team and business. Through my conversations with him, I feel I have been able to make many relatively small behavioural changes which together are making a meaningful difference to my leadership effectiveness.”


“I have worked with him for over 5 years now on a 1:1 basis, and he has supported my team’s development over the last 18 months. His approach allows me to step back and see the broader picture of relationships and interactions with colleagues – and through this to chart the right development priorities for myself and the team.”

Chief Executive, Railway Children

“Alexander have been an enormous support to me personally and in developing our leadership capability and effectiveness as an organisation.”

Kane Kramer, Inventor, Digital Audio Player

"I thank Philip Goldman for delivering on the promise of personal growth and greater understanding through innovative methods."